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Products and Services

Providing high-quality, trusted grain and oilseeds to global customers to feed the world, safely, reliably — creating success for all.

We treat our customers as global partners, with honesty, integrity, and respect, helping them to be more successful in their businesses.

Managing the supply chain
from farm gate to export gate

Dynamic markets, weather disruptions, and global events continually challenge supply chains. Our highly efficient infrastructure, effective data systems, relationships with suppliers and key service providers, and a team with decades of experience provide premier services that meet high quality standards, reliably and cost effectively.

Our services include:

  • Market intelligence and advisory
  • Chartering services
  • Accounting
  • Documentation and import permits
  • Coordinated logistics
  • Safe, expert execution
  • Reliable solutions


Hard Red
Spring Wheat

Dark Northern
Spring Wheat

Hard Red
Winter Wheat

Soft White

Western White

Club Wheat

Durum Wheat






We build lasting relationships with ouR customers

Universal Robina Corporation and United Grain successful partnership have stood the test of time for the past 35 years and counting. UGC continues to staunchly support us as we grow our business. Delivery of our requirements has been consistently dependable.”

Ellison Dean C. Lee
Universal Robina Corporation
Managing Director of Flour and Breads
Quezon City, Philippines.

Vancouver Export Terminal

Services for Producers

UGC Profit Partner® Program