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Sustainably and Responsibly Feeding the World

Our commitment to stewardship

We are reducing our carbon footprint by adopting:

  • Rail and barge to reduce vehicle trips
  • Larger vessels to minimize river use
  • Chartered vessels with the lowest CO2 emissions
  • Quicker vessel turns to lower emissions
  • Environmentally sound cleaning materials
  • Energy-efficient infrastructure such as LED lighting
  • Recycling processes and recycled products

We continually strive for greater stewardship by:

  • Pursuing water conservation partnerships
  • Exploring facility use of solar and wind power
  • Including electric vehicles in our fleet
  • Reducing dust emissions at country and export facilities
  • Expanding a customer base that applies and shares best sustainability practices

Our commitment to global responsibility

We respect human rights around the world, including:

  • No tolerance for discrimination, hate speech and any form of harassment
  • Embracing an inclusive workplace
  • Supporting fair wages and benefits for workers
  • Abiding by labor laws and standards
  • Accepting bargaining and labor agreements
  • No forced labor or child labor

We practice responsibility with:

  • Reliable, transparent business dealings
  • Conflict resolution through values-based dialogue
  • Business relationships and supply chains that do not aid human rights abuse

We insist on workplace safety, by:

  • Requiring that workplace safety rules are followed
  • Emphasizing continuous safety training
  • Performing frequent safety walks of operations
  • Investing in safety enhancements